VIP/Close Protection Services

With endless factors threatening public and community safety, Magnum security offers a superior level of Close Protection security to individuals, families, their businesses and assets. From physical security, risk assessments, to pre-emptive care and even discreet surveillance – we cover all aspects of close protection services.

Our SIRA-certified close protection officers and bodyguards are discreet, cooperative, multi-lingual and flexible – to ensure you’re protected from physical harm, unwanted attention and other threats to your safety or privacy. They are trained to work in high-risk and complex environments and specialize in the protection of VVIPs, high-net-worth families, diplomats, A-list celebrities, diplomats and more. Several members of our close protection have Commercial, Government and Military backgrounds, as well as receive additional training to provide the highest level of security. Our close protection officers or bodyguards can operate on 1-1 basis or be a part of a large close protection team – all suited to our client’s unique needs.

As part of the mission of preventing an incident before it occurs, we carry out comprehensive threat assessments at sites/venue to identify potential threats. We assist clients for short or long-term and provide them with peace of mind so they can get on with their day without having to worry about any sort of security threat, or compromising situation, whatsoever.

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