VIP Protection Service

VIP Security Services


Keeping VIP’s under the radar calls for an unparalleled competence plus unswerving VIP bodyguard services in one place. We at Magnum Security embrace reputation and specialized experience when it comes to the protection of principally the VIPs. We have won the hearts of countless celebrities, actors, politicians, and recognized members of the society with our urbane security services.

  • Our key objective is to maintain the security standards of the VIPs without leaving any stones untouched. For this, we begin with the assessment of the work-place or the venue attached with deliberate confidence.
  • The life of the VIPs stays on stake, and this is the reason we persuade unpredictable safety measures which can never hover the minds of the wrongdoers. Our VIP protection services have no end as our works persist unless the person reaches home or the desired location safely.
  • Along with the security personnel, we wrap up the entire location with best of experts’ casing surveillance, vigilance, and bodyguards’ on the whole.
  • Our bodyguards are trained to identify threats considering the VIP security in Dubai and hold the capability to act instantaneously before one could blink an eye.

In last decades we have served wealthiest and most influential people of the city with profound security measures and tailored techniques. We are known to deliver the right security medicine with regard to the proposed threat concerning the life and liberty of the VIP in Dubai.

The team of security personnel inculcates professionalism and discretion of the responsibilities attached to the protection of the VIP with every ticking of a clock. Assigning the job of VIP Security Company to us will not make you apologetic at any point in time. Other than that, we will come up for the rescue whenever you give us a call too.



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