Why Us



We have years of guarding experience that stems from our presence since 2003 and is evident from our continuous growth.

Trained and background verified staff

100% of Magnum Security personnel are trained and licensed by Dubai’s Security Industry Regulating Agency (SIRA) and are either ex-servicemen or from security sectors only.

Responsive management support

Our team is highly responsive. With one call the process is set into an auto mode ending only with the resolution of issues.

Dedicated & expert security account manager

At Magnum our goal is to provide customers with an exceptional experience. Our security account manager are a one point contact and respond promptly, accurately, and are knowledgeable with all our processes and services.

Highest staff retention rate

Staff welfare is one of our core values and with this focus we maintain a main body of skilled, trained, motivated staff

Competitive pricing

We set the standard for fair market value in order to meet the client’s expectations. We are committed to providing quality service priced fairly.

Customised security solutions

Rather than rely on the traditional industry model that includes hiring “guards” and then placing them at the next available site, Magnum Security employs a “Strategic Staffing” model that ensures our people have the optimum set of skills and abilities for the specific role that they are being hired for. That means greater success for our clients and lower staff turnover for us.



Join our team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals working together to build a safer City


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