How Magnum Security Made it on Top?

How Magnum Security Made it on Top?

  • 03 Apr 2021

The security companies in Dubai operate below the two security regulations: PSBD (Private Security Business Department) and DPS (Department of Protecting System).The new name of PSBD is PSCOD (Private Security Companies Organization Department) and therefore the new name of DPS is SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency).

The UAE government enforced new security regulation in 2001 to brand the security service suppliers seasoned for keeping the community safe. The security companies in Dubai need a license from DPS and therefore the companies operate in different states, except Dubai should have a license from PSBD. Only the security companies that have operational license from each departments will give security services everywhere the UAE.

Functions of Security Companies in Dubai

There are many Security companies in Dubai with over thirty thousands of security officers who are protecting the people, personal properties and government entities. Security companies in Dubai give differing kinds of security services except the person guarding, like general building protection, money center security, hotel, hospital, bank, event, and demanding infrastructure security services in UAE.

Magnum Security, a Dubai Police Approved and commissioned Security Company in Dubai, was fashioned in 2003 specifically to supply skilled security personnel to numerous trade sectors. This security company provides security services by using over 700 extremely trained, committed and dedicated professionals. Security Companies in Dubai provides security services that guarantee complete protection to your building and its premises. Magnum Security provides security services that are trusted by quite 300+ clients in Dubai, as well as government. Our security company provides security services that guarantee 100% consumer satisfaction. The surety is owing to the standard of our security services and also the commitment of our individuals.

Magnum Security, a Dubai Police Approved and commissioned Security Company in Dubai, was fashioned in 2003 specifically to supply skilled security services to numerous trade sectors. From our humble roots of three workers in 2003 to over 700 professionals across Dubai, Magnum Security’s growth could be a testament to our leadership team’s commitment to superior client service.

Magnum Security is one among the reputed Security Service provider companies in Dubai offering specialized services for corporate clients. Our security guards are going to be on time for the allotted shifts for commercial, residential and for corporate business towers. Our security guards maintain the visitors’ registry records and ensure transparency. Visitors’ activity is going to be monitored and reported by our security guards on-time. As per the training of security services given, identity proof like emirates ID or passport are going to be collected from suppliers and delivery agents. Our security guards will initiate frequent inspection of security alarms as a part of our security services. Any leakage or electrical damage is going to be noted and informed to the management office by the safety guards.

Magnum Security team is formed of specialist advisors who provide professional and independent security services, unbiased Security service advice and styles which supported the foremost and appropriate price effective solutions for our clients. As a part of the simplest security service company in Dubai, our Security Service team is trusted within the market because we don’t share alliances with any security vendors or manufacturers which may influence recommendations provided to clients. Innovative system deployment and superior technology of security services are the key attributes of the safety services delivered by our security company in Dubai.


As a security company in Dubai our values are the inspiration on which our operations and company culture is made and these values help to shape our long-term, financially successful enterprise by creating value for patrons and employees. They’re summarized in five words: Integrity, Dependability, Communication, Teamwork, Customer focus

  1. Integrity

We form honest, transparent, ethical relationships with our customers, suppliers and colleagues through our reliable security services.

  1. Dependability

We are a reliable Security Service and that we shall deliver what we promise

  1. Communication

We communicate clearly, professionally and timely.

  1. Teamwork

We collaborate to realize our company goals.

  1. Customer Focus

We put customers before us by supporting their requirements in the event of an emergency.



We have years of security guard experience that stems from our presence since 2003 and is clear from our continuous growth.

Trained and background verified staff

100% of Magnum Security personnel are trained and licensed by Dubai’s Security Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA) and are either ex-servicemen or from security sectors only.

Responsive management support

Our Security Service team is very responsive. With one call the method is about into an auto mode ending only with the resolution of issues.

Dedicated Security Account Manager

At Magnum Security our goal is to supply customers with an exceptional experience of Security Service. Our security account manager is one point contact and responds promptly, accurately, and is knowledgeable with all our processes and security services.

Highest staff retention rate

Staff welfare is one among our core values and with this focus we maintain a main body of skilled, trained, motivated staff for providing efficient security services.

Competitive pricing

We set the quality for fair market price so as to satisfy the client’s expectations. We are committed to providing quality Security Service priced fairly.

Customized security solutions

Rather than believing the normal industry model that has hiring security “guards” then placing them at subsequent available site, Magnum Security employs a “Strategic Staffing” model that ensures our people have the optimum set of skills and skills for the precise role that they’re being hired for that is greater success for our clients and lower staff turnover for us.

Health And Safety

Magnum Security is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy, safe and secure working environment for all its employees and the other one that could also be suffering from its activities. The Health & Safety Policy applies to all or any premises and activities within the control of Magnum Security.

Magnum Security is committed to make sure the Health, Safety, Security services and welfare of its entire employee whilst at work. Our Security services make sure the visitors and therefore the general public who could also be suffering from Magnum Security Services activities, aren’t exposed to risk of their health & Safety.

Our Security Services identify the hazards (the potential for harm), assess the danger and manage those risks. Our security services consult employees and ensure all who work on our behalf are adequately informed of identified risks and where appropriate receive the relevant information, instruction, training and supervision. Our security services maintain clear procedure for action to be taken with. Magnum security provides adequate training to all or any Magnum employees and staff for the task required of them. Security companies in Dubai are committed to a proactive approach to stop accident ‘incident so as to realize continuous improvement in Health & Safety performance. Our security services suits UAE Safety code of practice, rules and regulations and other requirements.


  • Security Industry regulatory authority (SIRA)

System regulations, all personnel undergo a minimum five-day security training course, all security personnel must pass an exam at the top of the course before being issued a certificate and a SIRA license to figure within their appropriate sector

  • Dubai chamber of commerce & industry

Magnum Security is a proud member of Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry since 2016.

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system

Being certified by ISO 9001 means our company has demonstrated that our organizational system and work practices of security services meet the wants began by ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The quality provides the inspiration to greater customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement.

  • OHSAS 18001

The Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard, (OHSAS 18001) demonstrates Magnum Security’s commitment to managing risk and demonstrates our compliance with legislation, also as maintaining a secure and healthy working environment for our employees, business partners, visitors.


At Magnum Security, all our security guards can dissuade thieves from shops, man front desks at corporate facilities, provide control at events, monitor CCTV surveillance and even patrol parking spaces. Our Security Services act as a visible deterrent protecting property from theft, avoiding water and fire damage and deterring vandalism altogether your properties.

Benefits of getting Magnum Security Guards and Security Services at your premise:

  • Our security services enable your people – whether customers, employees or the general public – to feel secure regardless of what the situation
  • Our security guards can inspect your premises and recommend ways to minimize your risks of theft, accidents or the other criminal activity.
  • Our security services act as a visible deterrent of crime.
  • Our security services handle potential trespassing and vandalism by patrolling the premises
  • Our security services aim at fulfilling business-mandated security policies like monitoring CCTV cameras, gates, entrances and checking alarm systems
  • Magnum Security’s security services Help assist with the general management of the world.
  • Magnum Security’s security services are useful for controlling access points for visitors or contractors which will legitimately require entry into a property.


Magnum Security offers CCTV operator security services to remotely monitor your commercial / residential premises. We are one among the few CCTV security companies in Dubai who not only provide CCTV operators but also can equip your premises with state-of-the-art CCTV security camera systems.

  • Our CCTV operators are licensed by SIRA, capable of handling any sort of security cameras system and ready to react rapidly in an emergency situation.
  • Our qualified Security Service team shall survey your premise and can then recommend the varied CCTV systems that we feature, including HIKVISION and Honeywell.


From concerts to industry expos, from social gatherings to speaking events with multiple VIPs, our
events security company are often adapted to events of any scale, duration or risk level. The safety
mechanism is framed into external, internal and core security solutions supported the vulnerability to
sanitize the venue/ vehicles, assets and other people. This is often done by that specialize in the critical
stage of meticulous advance planning followed by implementation. Whether you need one crisis
manager or protection officer or a whole crisis management or security team for your special event, we
will support you and your attendees with efficient event security team.


At Magnum Security, we provide traffic marshal services in Dubai to make sure the security of vehicles and foot traffic on the client’s site and therefore the general public like around construction sites or during special events. Magnum traffic marshals use the right hand signals and equipment to carry traffic, co-ordinate movements and communicate with personnel through radios. They facilitate the client in providing the right health and safety standards to the location. Our security guards assist and guide the delivery drivers within the duties of reversing and unloading in the safest way.


Magnum Security has secured numerous high-profile clients with their efficient and reliable security services for over a decade. Our close security services are designed to supply round the clock assurance that the private safety of high-profile individuals or public figures is protected in the least time.

Our highly trained security guards are qualified to figure in high-risk and sophisticated environments, concentrate on the protection of diplomats and commercial clients and to make sure complete security services to them. Several members of our executive Security Service team are former South African, French and UK Special Forces professionals.


As professionals within the field of Security Service and protection, we will offer consultancy to hide both theoretical and practical aspects of Security Service and protection. Whether it’s for the aim of raising safety awareness within the workplace, household or training in-house security teams, we’ll device a tailor-made programme to fit your needs.

Our solutions include:

  • Prevention of damages and sabotage
  • Protection of employees and facilities
  • Protecting executive personnel and their families
  • Support during a proceeding.
  • Support following a crisis.

Where required, Security Risk Experts can act as main contractors where larger multi-layered security installations are needed. Our workplace conflict resolution counselors can assist you affect all kinds of conflicts, including labor disputes in Dubai or the other city within the UAE.Magnum security consultants have numerous experiences in managing labor disputes. They’re trained to attenuate risks to the security of personnel and facilities, equipment and company reputation, and to make sure the continuity of essential and important functions within the organization’s operations.

The services we offer:

  • Preparation of the announcement to the workforce.
  • Facilitate Security Service before, during and after the downsizing or closing.
  • High-risk termination assessment and proposals
  • Post-downsizing support
  • Highly Trained Close Protection Officers
  • VIP Protection / status Individuals
  • Personable and Discreet Service


Magnum Fire Wardens offer vital assistance for the event of economic fire safety programs.

Fire warden duties include:

  • Checking fire alarms are in working order and clearly visible. This is often administered once per week a minimum of.
  • Checking emergency exits are beyond obstructions and may be opened easily in an emergency.
  • Ensuring that fireplace extinguishers are visible and are regularly serviced.
  • Checking fire doors are in working order and are kept closed.
  • Ensuring emergency gating is functional.
  • Is there adequate fire safety signage? Signage should be visible and securely fastened to the wall.
  • General housekeeping practices. For instance, are sources of warmth kept aside from sources of fuel?
  • Staff fire training induction.
  • Perform annual fire drills. This will help to cement training and make sure all employees know what to try to in an emergency fire situation.
  • All fire safety activities are recorded and monitored.

In the event of a fireplace

Their first and foremost priority is to urge everybody out of the building safely, including themselves. Additionally to the present magnum fire warden will also:

» Raise the alarm.

» Close all fire doors to prevent the hearth from spreading.

» make sure that any vulnerable persons are evacuated consistent with their Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

» Ensure everyone has left the building, including bathroom and storage areas.

» Use firefighting equipment, like extinguishers, if it’s safe to try to so.

» Support with roll calls. Is every one accounted for?

» Liaise with emergency services.


If you need a discreet security presence in Dubai or the other city within the UAE, Magnum Security supplies the foremost qualified and experienced security chauffeurs in Dubai, UAE. They need advanced driving and shut protection skills that permits them to stay you safe. They will detect and avoid any hostile action on the roads, foresee situations and preempt incidents that put their clients in danger. Our security chauffeurs have the skill and knowledge to make sure the security of passengers even when arriving or departing from a venue.

Magnum Security is understood to deliver top-notch consulting services everywhere the town. Regardless of how complex the project is, our team is well-versed in performing consultancy job. We hold a comprehensive range of services concerning the safety aspects with no limitation on the concerned area. Right from hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, or governmental organizations, our security consulting surveys are open for all.

Security chauffeurs can operate a one-to-one basis or even be a part of a bigger close protection team. Magnum recommends that the client have both a fanatical driver and a separate bodyguard.

At Magnum Security, all our close protection chauffeurs have exemplary certified driving skills, are SIRA licensed and have experience driving high-powered luxurious vehicles.

Their knowledge of the town and therefore the surrounding areas means you are doing not need to worry about your safety. Familiar with working in demanding environments, our security drivers are incredibly skilled and even know all the side roads which allows them to be flexible on routes and avoid incidents where necessary. We offer security drivers for airport picks and drops, visiting Ambassadors, high net- worth and other high-profile individuals.

We provide you with ground study and route analysis for all movements, contingency planning and “first line” medical support within the event of an event. And if there’s an emergency, you’ll rest assured that assistance will arrive shortly. This Rapid Response Team (RRT) support is formed possible because we’ve several personnel and vehicles; all managed from our operations hubs.

Vehicles equipped with the newest technology

We equip our entire fleet with vehicle tracking devises, also as radio communications systems, allowing our operations centers to trace your movements in real time. We are ready to deploy different vehicle profiles as per your specific requirements and therefore the task. We’ll even drive your vehicle if preferred.

Magnum Security is a leading smart guarding company in Dubai for Total Commercial Security Services, managing a number of the UAE’s most famous landmarks. As a number one security services company in Dubai, our services are offered through Consultancy, Building and Community also as Traffic and Parking Management. We offer integrated security services for all kinds of buildings and properties including industrial, commercial, leisure, residential and public developments. We engage within the safety and Security Service aspects of a structure at the very stages of its development. As a number one Security Service Company in Dubai, our expert consultancy team engages with developers from the design and style stage and our man-guarding services are offered from the development stage.