Manned Guarding

Are you looking for a professional and reliable security guarding company in Dubai?

At Magnum Security, all our security guards can dissuade thieves from retail outlets, man front desks at corporate facilities, provide crowd control at events, monitor CCTV surveillance and even patrol parking spaces.

They act as a visual deterrent protecting property from theft, avoiding water and fire damage and deterring vandalism in all your properties.

Benefits of having Magnum Security Guards at your premise

  • Enable your people – whether customers, employees or the public – to feel secure no matter what the location.
  • Our guards can inspect your premises and recommend ways to minimise your risks of theft, accidents or any other criminal activity.
  • Act as a visual deterrent of crime.
  • Handle potential trespassing and vandalism by patrolling the premises.
  • Fulfilling business-mandated security policies such as monitoring CCTV cameras, gates, entrances and checking alarm systems.
  • Help assist with the overall management of the area.
  • Useful for controlling access points for visitors or contractors that may legitimately require entry into a property.


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