Fire Wardens

Magnum Fire Wardens offer vital assistance for the development of commercial fire safety programs.

Fire warden duties include:

  • Checking fire alarms are in working order and clearly visible. This is carried out once per week at least.
  • Checking emergency exits are clear of obstructions and can be opened easily in an emergency.
  • Ensuring that fire extinguishers are visible and are regularly serviced.
  • Checking fire doors are in working order and are kept closed.
  • Ensuring emergency lighting is functional.
  • Is there adequate fire safety signage? Signage should be visible and securely fastened to the wall.
  • General housekeeping practices. For example, are sources of heat kept apart from sources of fuel?
  • Staff fire training induction.
  • Carry out annual fire drills. This can help to cement training and check that all employees know what to do in an emergency fire situation.
  • All fire safety activities are recorded and monitored.

In the event of a fire

Their first and foremost priority is to get everybody out of the building safely, including themselves. In addition to this magnum fire warden will also:

  • Raise the alarm.
  • Close all fire doors to stop the fire from spreading.
  • Ensure that any vulnerable persons are evacuated according to their Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).
  • Ensure every person has left the building, including bathroom and storage areas.
  • Use fire fighting equipment, such as extinguishers, if it is safe to do so.
  • Support with roll calls. Is every person accounted for?
  • Liaise with emergency services.


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