Rethink Security in Retail

Rethink Security in Retail

  • 26 Oct 2022

The steady rise of online shopping alternatives has forced a significant emphasis on positive guest experiences for brick-and-mortar retail locations globally. This translates into an increased focus on both a safe and secure shopping experience.

Retail establishments are not immune to security threats. Failing to secure business poses a variety of security threats such as break-ins, shoplifting, overcrowding or parking lot disorder, etc. Regardless of the type of breach, the effect may be catastrophic for the company's finances and the brand's reputation, as these threats have a significant impact on customers' emotions and their buying decisions.

If you own or operate a retail store or business, it is imperative to consider hiring professional security guard services that provide a safe environment for customers and prevent loss. Besides peace of mind, they offer various benefits – Here are five of the more significant ones.

Property and Asset Protection

Security guards do more than standing at your main entrance, they keep your property protected at all times and prevent unforeseen actions or events that could cause significant damage or loss. Consistent monitoring of shopping floors, and identifying suspicious behavior, keep your merchandise and personnel protected against various security threats. In addition, security guards frequently perform foot patrolling outside the building to identify and report security vulnerabilities. 

Visible Crime Deterrent

Criminals are less likely to perform crimes in the presence of a highly trained security guard. Uniformed guards standing at your front entrance act as an excellent crime deterrent. In an event of unusual activity, the security guard will quickly identify it and control the situation even before it occurs. As a result, minimizing disruption to your business and customers. Moreover, seeing a well-presented, professional security officer, make customers feel safer throughout their shopping experience. 

First Responder

Security guards act as first responders when a security situation occurs. Their training provides them with skills to remediate vulnerabilities and de-escalate hostile situations for a variety of scenarios. As the first line of defense for your property, they also serve as a great liaison and with local police and other authorities if necessary.

Brand Ambassadors

Many retail business owners don't think of security guards as customer service associates. However, the reality is that security guards add a lot of value to customer service. They can handle reception duties, offering assistance to customers all while creating a welcoming environment. Security guards are vigilant and dedicated to helping people live and work in safe and secure environments.

Magnum Security: Redefining Retail Security 

Protecting the interests of your retail business comes with many unique challenges and considerations. Therefore, you must choose a provider with the retail security experience and solutions required to overcome your security obstacles. Magnum Security provides the security and confidence you seek.

With 19 years of experience working in the retail industry alongside renowned shopping centers and retailers – Magnum Security offers comprehensive retail security solutions for retailers large and small – to keep their properties, employees and customers safe and secure. We provide a team of dedicated, well-trained and certified professionals to prevent theft and business loss while managing incidents efficiently within your retail environment. 

Whether you operate a specialist store, a department store, a supermarket, or a shopping center, our team serves as ambassadors delivering world-class customer service while ensuring seamless security operations for a multitude of outlets. Our manned guarding services include:

  • • Monitor Entry And Exit Points
  • • Patrol store premises and CCTV surveillance
  • • Operate Theft Detecting Devices
  • • Investigate Disturbances
  • • Risk Assessment and Loss Prevention  
  • • Customized and site-specific security operations 
  • • Emergency response and life safety. 

Magnum Security can provide you with additional security services, including: 

  • • Security for special events, such as in-store promotions and celebrity visits. 
  • • Temporary cover to reduce seasonal risks & enhance security during busy periods. 
  • • Parking/Traffic Management. 
  • • Fire Safety Management.

Discover how we can help you with a customized security solution for retail business: