Maritime Security Services Company in UAE

With 20 years of experience in the security industry, Magnum Security is the most experienced Maritime Security Company in the UAE. With our highly experienced team and industry knowledge, we have been supporting clients in both maritime as well as land-based Security and risk management services – keeping clients’ valuable assets, passengers and crews safe from piracy and other security threats.

Our maritime security officers undergo rigorous screening and receive highly specialised in-house training to international standards so that any threat to security is addressed promptly, and efficiently, complying with local & international law.

Merchant Vessel Security

We specialised in the protection of various types of vessels such as merchant vessels, container ships, oil or chemical carriers, etc. to ensure complete vessel security, and that their crew and cargo, are protected whilst transiting through high-risk waters.

Cruise Ships & Yachts Security

Our team of certified security officers provides comprehensive cruise ship & yacht security by identifying any potential threats, and vulnerabilities, while securing assets, passengers and crews. Our on-board trained security guards also conduct Security Risk Assessments for transits, ports and local areas.

Crew & Stowaway Security Escort

In addition to the vessel and cruise ship security, we also provide security escorts to our clients. Our security escorts offer the crew secure transportation until their departure, for medical reasons, or to the airport. We also offer security for the repatriation of stowaways.

As one of the leading Ship Crew Escort companies in UAE, we offer:

  • Escort crew members until the member depart the country.
  • Transport and escort crew for medical.
  • Transport members to and from point of entry.

Our Stowaway repatriation services include:

  • Prepare the stowaway for repatriation.
  • Provide side-by-side escort to the country of origin.

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